Universal Knee-type Milling Machine X6132A,X6142A

Item Code:X6132A,X6142A Features:Universal knee-type milling machine is a general purpose machine which can be used in wide range
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Universal knee-type milling machine is a general purpose machine which can be used in wide range. Mounted with face, cylindrical, side, bevel and formed milling cutters, the machine is suitable to process flat, inclined surface, slots and gears on miscellaneous work pieces. Equipped with optional accessories, such as vertical milling head and dividing head, machine can be applicable to versatile processing. It is and ideal machine tool for machine process, maintenance, instrument, die and moulds.


Advanced Features

 1. The worktable can rotate ±45º and apply to automatic and rapid feed

2. Hardened and ground side ways ensure high accuracy

3. With high motor power and wide range speed, machine adapts to high speed cutting when using hard alloy cutters.

4. Complete coolant and lubrication system

5. DRO equipment us optional


Technical Specification


Model Unit X6132A X6142A
Table size mm 320×1320 420×1800
T slots (N×W×D) mm 3×18×80 3×18×90
Table Load-bearing Kg 550 800
Longitudinal travel (Manual/Power)X mm 800/780 1280/1250
Cross travel (Manual/Power)  Y mm 300/280 360/350
Vertical travel (Manual/Power)  Z mm 410/400 470/450
Max. rotary angle of table   ±45º ±45º
Feed speed steps   18 Steps 18 Steps
Feed speed ranges: Longitudinal X mm/min 15~750 22-1100
Cross Y mm/min 15~750 22-1100
Vertical Z mm/min 5.7~280 8.3-410
Rapid feed ranges: Longitudinal  X mm/min 2250 2400
Cross   Y mm/min 2250 2400
Vertical  Z mm/min 844 900
Distance from spindle center to arm mm 155 155
Distance between table center to vertical guide way mm 235-535 280-650
Arbor diameter mm φ22  φ27  φ32  φ32 φ50
Min. distance from spindle center to table mm 40-450 30-500
Spindle hole taper   50#  7:24   50#  7:24  
Spindle speed steps   18 Steps 18 Steps
Spindle speed ranges r/min 30~1500 30~1500
Main motor power kW 7.5 11
Overall size mm 2327×1792×1720 2522x2262x2047
Packing box size    mm 2240×1790×1900 2460x2270x2280
Net weight kg 3300 5000
Voltage/Frequency V/HZ 380/50 380/50


The above specification may be changed without notice.


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