Small High Precision Engraving Machine DEB4040, DEB4540

Item Code:DEB4040, DEB4540 Features:Small high precision engraving machine has strong functions, easy operation, great stability, durable use, reliable performance, competitive price.
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Small high precision engraving machine are widely used to process and make various industry moulds, fine blanking die, hot cutting die, construction mould, adverting signs name plates, induction signs, chest brand, seals, bronzing board, PCB board, pressing board, instrument panel hot foil die-stamping electrode, jade, crafts accessories, iron, copper, aluminum, plastic board and so on.


Advanced Features


1. Imported linear guiding rail for X、Y and Z axis;

2. Adopting mold production to ensure the machine stability;

3. Integral iron cast structure for machine body and gantry to ensure better rigidity、more smoothly running and less vibration for whole machine;

4. Imported rolling ball screw for X、Y and Z axis; pre-tighten system for the slider to ensure no gap for  the slider and high precision for the processing;

5. Compatible with popular CAD/CAM software such as TYPE3、ArtCAM、and Artgrave etc.

6. Be good at processing kinds of materials in high  efficiency and high precision;


Technical Parameter


Model   DEB4040 DEB4540
Working Size XYZ mm 400*400*160 450*400*70
Spindle  Motor kw 2.2 1.5
Max Engraving Speed mm/min 8000 7400
Engraving   Tools 3.175/4/6 (optional) 3.175/6
Dictate  Format   HPGL, G-CODE HPGL, G-CODE
X, Y, Z traveling positioning/repositioning accuracy mm 0.01 0.01
Spindle Rotation Speed rpm 6000-24,000 6000-24,000
XYZ Rail   Imported linear rail
XYZ  Driving  Mode   Imported rolling ball screw from Germany


The above specification may be changed without notice.


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