Drilling Milling Machine ZX7550C, ZX6350C, ZX50C

Item Code:ZX7550C, ZX6350C, ZX50C Features:Drilling and milling machine is a multi-purpose milling machine tools with drilling, milling, boring, grinding...



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Drilling and milling machine is a multi-purpose machine tools with drilling, milling, boring, grinding, tapping and a variety of cutting function. An integral part of the machining machine tools in metal processing.


Debra Equipment Corporation provides various drilling and milling machine. Of them, a small drill milling machine owns advanced structure, reasonable, light and flexible operation, convenient maintenance, become the favorite machine for many users. ZX50C drilling and milling machine, 50 drilling and milling machine equipped with a mechanical feeder can be realized workbench longitudinal automatic feed, reducing the labor intensity and improved the machining accuracy and surface finishing. 50 drilling and milling machine bed rail by the quenching treatment with good wear ability. The milling head has been installed in the front of the sliding arm can move up and down, not only in the vertical plane do 45 ° rotation around, but also on the bed do 360 ° rotation around, has a good processing universal.


Small drilling and milling purposes: 50 drilling and milling machine is a small and medium-sized general purpose metal cutting machine tools with horizontal milling and vertical milling function. The drilling and milling machine suitable for drilling, expanding, hinges, boring, drilling; wafer milling, angle milling cutters, forming cutters and face cutters, milling flat, incline, vertical plane and grooves. 50 drilling and milling machine installed with attachment vertical milling head can be used as multi-direction milling work. This machine is widely used for general repair and tool shop, and a single piece or small batch production workshop.


Technical Specification


Table Size MM 1120×280 800×240
Spindle Speed Range R/MIN 115-1750(V),38-1310(H) 115-1750
Table Travel MM 600×230 400×200
Max.Drilling Dia. MM 50 50
Max.End Milling Width  MM 100  100
Max.Tapping Dia.  MM  M16  M16
Max.Vertical Milling Dia. MM 25 25
Distance From Spindle Nose to Table Surface MM 90-400 70-420
Spindle Travel MM 120 120
Main Motor KW 0.85/1.5(V) 2.2(H)  
Spindle Motor Power KW   0.85/1.5
Overall Dimension(L×W×H) MM 1580×1330×2250 1290×1140×2100
Net Weight


Drilling capacity MM 50 40
End milling capacity MM 100 100
Vertical milling capacity MM 25 20
Boring capacity MM 120 120
Tapping capacity MM M16 M16
Distance between spindle nose and worktable MM 38-430 120-550
Range of spindle speed R.P.M. 230-1825 168-3160
Spindle travel MM 120 120
Table size MM 900 x 240 800 x 240
Table travel MM 400 x 230 400 x 250
Overall dimensions MM 1100 x 970 x 1650 1100 x 1050 x 1330
Motor power KW 1.5 1.5
N.W/G.W KG 500/600 410/460


The above specification maybe changed without notice.


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