High Precision Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Item Code: Features:High Precision Cylindrical Grinding machine with stable running without noise can be achieved because adopting screw pump in hydraulic system.
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High Precision Cylindrical Grinder


Advanced Features


1. Stable running without noise can be achieved because adopting screw pump in hydraulic system

2. High rotating precision and strong rigidity can be obtained by sleeve-type whole-tire high precision moving hydraulic bare shaft system on the spindle of wheel head.

3. Sideway is covered by the plastic so it can gain slow speed running and high immunity to vibration

4. The machine has high precision, reasonable integral layout, good shape. Centralized and imaginary operating lever are easy and safe for operation.

5. MGB high precision semi-automatic grinding machine can perform good precision cutting, longitudinal grinding to make high precision parts by using limited stroke or controlled by process gauge in small batch or mass production.

6. MGB high precision semi-automatic grinding machine can do sequences of action during processing cycle are controlled by programmable logical controller PLC.


Technical Specification


Model DG1320E GB1320E 500 750 1000 DG1332E GB1332E   500 750 1000 DG1420E GB4320E 500 750 1000 DG1432E GB1432E 500 750 1000
Center height(mm)  125 180 125 180
Max. length of workpiece between centers (mm) 520 765 1080
Max. workpiece diameter for external (mm) 240 350 240 350
Max.grinding length(mm)  500 750 1000
External grinding diameter range(mm) 5-200 5-320 5-200 5-320
Internal grinding diameter range(mm) / / 13-80 16-125
Depth of internal grinding(bigger than diameter 45mm) / / 110 140
Max. weight of workpiece between centers(kg) 50 70 50 70
Grindng wheel size (outdiameterxwidthxbore) (mm) 400x(32-50)x203
Grinding wheel max. peripheral speed (m/s) 35
Swivelling angel of worktable °   +9°8°3°~-9°8°7°
Spindle taper at work head and tailstock MT4


The above specification may be changed without notice. On wroking accuracy table, main and extra accessories please contact debra sales group. 


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