Bed Type Milling Machine X713, X715, X716

Item Code:X713, X715, X716 Features:Bed type milling machine is a lightweight general-purpose metal cutting machine tools.
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Bed type milling machine is a lightweight general-purpose metal cutting machine tools. With vertical and horizontal milling functions, it can be used for milling flat, bevel, groove and spline of middle or small parts. Such bed type milling machine widely used in machining, moulds, equipment, instrumentation and other industries.



Technical Specification


Specification Unit X713
Spindle Taper    ISO40
Table size MM 1525×320
Table travel MM 1050×470
Spindle Quill Travel MM 127
NO./Width/Distance of T-slot MM 3-14-80
Spindle speed steps    10 steps
Spindle speed range R.P.M 70~3620 
Spindle feed rate capacity R/MIN 0.045mm; 0.086mm; 0.142mm /rev 
Distance between spindle axis and column guideway MM 450
Distance between spindle nose and table surface MM 75-595
Spindle motor power HP 5
Overall dimension(L×W×H) MM 2565×1920×2290 
Net weight KG 2520


Table Size MM 2100×500
Table Travel MM 1500×670
Vertical Travel MM 670
NO./Width/Distance of T-slot MM 4-20-100
Spindle Taper   ISO50
Max Load of Table KG 2000
Rapid Feed Speed MM/MIN 3500
Spindle Speed Range R/MIN 35-1345
Spindle Speed Step STEPS 12
Distance Between Spindle Axis and Vertical Guidway MM 610
Power of Spindle Motor KW 7.5
Overall Dimension(L×W×H) MM 3300×2380×2750
Net Weight KG 7300


Specification Unit X716
Table Size MM 2500×600
Table Travel MM 1500×650*700
Min Distance from Horizontal Spindle Axis to Worktable Surface  MM 30
Min Distance from Vertical Spindle Nose to Worktable Surface  MM 49
Distance from Vertical Spindle Axis to Column Guideway MM 110
NO./Width/Distance of T-slot MM 3-22-152
Spindle Taper   ISO50
Longitudinal, Cross Feed Speed Range MM/MIN 20-2200
Rapid Feed Speed(X,Y,Z) MM/MIN 3000
Spindle Speed Range R/MIN 50-1624
Power of Spindle Motor KW 11
Max Load of Table KG 3000
Overall Dimension(L×W×H) MM 3200×3200×2720
Net Weight KG 12000


The above specification may be changed without notice.


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