Application of Electromagnetic Stirrer in the Scrap Aluminum Recycling

The main objective of electromagnetic stirring technology used in the primary aluminum production process is to make uniformity of molten aluminum alloy composition, while the main purpose of the use of electromagnetic stirring technology in the scrap aluminum recycling process is to make scrap aluminum melting as soon as possible, reducing burning loss and increasing yield. Of course, due to Al composition of scrap aluminum was more complex, prolonged stirring to adjust the ingredients and composition uniformity improvement is particularly important.


We should reasonable set sensor installation location of electromagnetic stirring device based on a different use purposes. No matter it is square furnace, round furnace, single-chamber or dual chamber furnace, the sensor's installation can be divided into bottom of furnace and sidewall of furnace. The bottom of furnace installation mainly used for a new furnace or larger furnace whose depths have big change in the production process. The bottom of furnace installation, keep away from the impact of melt depth change, can achieve better stirring effect. Sensor installation location should deviate from furnace center in the scrap aluminum recycling, thus form a large circle of whole furnace, contributing rapid melting of scrap aluminum. The sidewall of furnace of sensor mounting is mainly used for the rebuild of the old furnace and furnace depth change less than 200mm in the production process.