Electromagnetic Stirring system

High-level requirements to metal works production determine a transit to a tangibly advanced level of melting, pouring and semi-finished products primary processing performance technology. Therefore, the task of metal ingots and blanks quality should be solved on a comprehensive basis, i.e. the alloy quality should be controlled at the stage of preparation, intermediate processing and pouring. To realize these tasks within melting casting units incorporating melting furnaces, mixers, ladders, refining installations and continuous pouring machines, an efficient method is electric conductive metal melt electromagnetic stirring. Electromagnetic stirrer combined magneto-dynamic technology are widely applied in ferrous and non-ferrous metal work.


Debra Equip offer Series Electromagnetic Stirrer for Aluminum Melting Furnace, Annular Electromagnetic Stirrer for Semisolid metal, Electromagnetic Stirrer for Metal Solidification.